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Nyko Type Pad Pro (Wii)

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Control, Type, and Browse simultaneously with Nyko's Type Pad for Wii.

The Type Pad easily cradles either the Nyko Wand or Wii Remote, allowing for pointer functionality while utilizing the full QWERTY Keyboard to chat, type, search and more.

-The Type Pad communicates with the Wii wirelessly up to 25 feet away through a USB dongle.
-It is fully supported by applications that utilize keyboard functionality like the Opera Browser and Wii friend messaging.
-The Type Pad also features Trans-Port Technology which enables special features when used with Nyko's Wand Wireless Controller, like allowing for both the A and B button to be replicated directly on the Type Pad for smoother and easier scrolling, zooming and clicking while browsing your favorite web sites.
-The Type Pad requires no additional batteries, or software for easy plug and play operation.

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