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At-Home Fitness Gift Set - 20 DVD Collection

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At-Home Fitness Gift Set - 20 DVD Collection

Get Fit, Be Strong, Burn Fat, Live Healthy!

Over 15 Hours of Workouts on 20 DVDs! A workout for all ages and all levels of fitness! Routines in this amazing collection include:


Dancercise combines the exercise of aerobics and the steps and rhythm of dance, while improving muscular coordination and control. Instructor Denise Druce combines the latest trands and workouts with exciting routines for maximum aerobic weight loss.

Extreme At-Home Workout

If procrastination has kept you from staying on track then you are going to love these regimented workout programs. This workout set will help you achieve your most ambitious fitness goals!

Iron Core Kettlebell

These unique programs, developed by kettlebell expert Sarah Lurie, will appeal to men and women of all ages, recreational athletes and professional athletes alike, because they combine amazing strength training, muscle conditioning and cardio workouts simultaneously.


Gain speed, balance and coordination while focusing on the art and style of kickboxing. Fitness experts Janis Saffell & Sensei Guillermo Gomez are known world-wide for their innovative workouts and presentations. Saffell has been featured numerous times on ESPN and instructed over 20+ top-rated fitness videos.

Total Yoga

The Total Yoga 4 Pack contains 4 Great Yoga DVDs taught by Ganga White and Tracey Rich, two of the world's foremost yoga teachers and founders of the White Lotus Foundation. The set includes Total Yoga: The Original, the perfect introduction to the many benefits of yoga, as well as the 3 supplemental DVDs in the Flow Series:Total Yoga: Earth (level 1), Water (level 2) and Fire (level 3).